With 29 years of experience in every level of court, Donna Turko remains dedicated to Criminal, Prison and Regulatory law. Our work has taken us throughout BC as well as other provinces. As a devoted team, associates, Zoë Zwanenburg, Samantha Dawson, , and articling students deal with certain proceedings, minimizing legal costs to you.

Criminal & Regulatory Law

Turko and Company represents clients on all types of criminal charges from Domestic Assaults to Murder, Theft, Robbery, Kidnapping, Fraud, Driving Offences, Sexual Assault, Firearms, Drug offences, etc. As Barristers, we attend court for Bail Hearings, Preliminary Hearings, and Trials before Judge alone or Jury.

Proceeding directly to a sentencing hearing may be the best option in some circumstances and can be the most important part of the trial.

Regulatory offences can have serious consequences, including jail and large financial penalties. Whether it is a driving offence or a matter problematic for your business, we can represent you at  Trial or Judicial Review. We are experienced in working with numerous Acts, including the Motor Vehicle Act, Offence Act, Firearms Act, Customs Act, Fisheries Act, and Proceeds of Crime Act.

Appeals & Applications

Our firm is dedicated to appellate law and have been successful at the Supreme Court of BC, Federal Court of Appeal, BC Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. Ms. Turko is well known for her successful representation in the Supreme Court of Canada for three appellants in the case of May et al. v. Warden of Ferndale Institution,  2005 SCC 82.

We are experienced in taking up applications for extraordinary remedies in the Supreme Court of BC and the Federal Court, such as Certiorari, Mandamus, Prohibition and Habeas Corpus, as well as applications involving the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Prison & Parole Law

We stand by our clients who are incarcerated. Our assistance can begin on day one of your remand until the time of your warrant expiry. Disciplinary proceedings can affect the length of your sentence or your ability to obtain parole. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with the provincial Parole Act and the federal Corrections and Conditional Release Act.

We assist our clients with all forms of parole matters including Detention and Post-Suspension hearings. We routinely provide written submissions for Involuntary and Voluntary Transfers, and can assist with visitation issues. We also utilize the writ of Habeas Corpus and frequently handle appeals for parole and prison decisions.

While some cases involve court, we always consider other remedies, relying on 25 years of effective problem solving in this unique area of law.